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Access Vantage Basketballs independent scouting platform, covering an expanding global-network of professional-teams and players, benefit from a growing database of scouts, aiding off-season recruitment and in-season match-ups.


Vantage match-ups

Vantage match-ups combine a unique blend of insightful analytics and relevant footage review into visually compelling and engaging player focused breakdowns, detailing key strengths, traits, limitations and appropriate scout actions.

Vantage snap-shots

Vantage snap-shots provide a critical concise insight into a players game, enabling players and coaches to quickly and efficiently learn key strengths and traits ahead of in-season contests.

Vantage playbooks

Identify and dissect teams offensive sets and systems, using footage breakdown and graphical illustrations to demonstrate multiple set-ups and scoring options for each play, facilitating coaches to appropriately scheme and select defensive strategies.

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